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A younger candidate ready to invoke Colorado with new and fresh thinking.

Joshua Jered Rodriguez

Adding Science and Inclusiveness to Colorado


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Building Better Community Partnerships

Coming together is a Beginning; keeping together is Progress; working together is Success.  


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The Unity party is a Centrist organization thats fighting to bring unity to the United States.

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Listening, Understanding and Connecting are my goals towards Building Better Community Partnerships.

Remember your voice and your vote matters. Track current legislation in the United States Congress

Get involved in Your Community

Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.



His love for his family and community started with his upbringing, and the joys of sharing come from them.

Contributions are the most important source of my campaign support. Be the change you want to see in the world.


Discussing the Issues

Having new and fresh ideas is an essential step in making meaningful changes in Colorado.

With the Philosophy that politics slow down progress, Joshua puts people before politics.


Meet the Candidate

Questions and answers


Seeking answers to questions is what draws us forward

Why are you running for office?

Community involvement has always been a part of my life. I founded a nonprofit called One Arvada that benefits at-risk youth. Working in the community taught me many lessons. For me, I went to the city hall, our state capital, and I spoke up. Like most of us,  I wasn’t heard. I started my journey by running for Mayor.

How do you feel about Sanctuary Cities?

Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution provides for the separation of federal and state powers. Individual states have a right to autonomy in how it operates. Communities have the right to govern their communities and build laws that best serve their individual needs. Sanctuary cities are breaking the Federal law to protect the Constitution.  

Red flag laws?

The folks that are advocating for Red flag laws have a personal connection. Evidence shows getting people help can say their life. I would like to see states have the right to decide the law. Here in Colorado, I would like the law to be amended for protections for a person's sexual orientation, gender, religious background, etc.

Late-term abortion?

Here in Colorado, we have an aging population and a declining youth population. With low birth rates, I would advocate for more social services. Including finding more ways to increase the birth rate. Late-term abortions are generally capped at 22 weeks. It’s when a doctor can detect brain waves. Any later must be medically necessary (to be defined).


We can't end fracking right now. We would need to invest in infrastructure changes and a switch to biofuels, solar, etc. Colorado's cost to start is $3.8 billion. That cost is essential for the investment made to switch us from coal to natural gas plants. I would like to see Colorado be 100% renewable energy by the year 2030.


I would want to see the evidence before I make my decision.

Will you stop the drug injection sites or support them?

The folks that are advocating for sites have loved ones hurting or have experienced loss. I will be advocating for mass spectrometry drug testing and access to Naloxone per-person resources. I will not be asking for safe injection sites at this time.

Will you support the electoral college or the NPV?

I support the Electoral college.

How would you use technology for the betterment of your constituency?

Understanding technology and its use is essential. It could be self-driving cars, a switch to biofuel, or the Space Force. Understanding what's next in our generation is necessary.

Most people are tired of overtaxing, excessive mill bonds, raising sales taxes, and any other public funding projects. How will you reign in the Colorado government and the bullcrap they pass without voter approval?

Bonding is expensive because it doubles your costs for projects. It's partly because folks vote no for tax increases. An excellent way to achieve funding without the price is public banking.

I’m tired of the same political promises to get elected and then flip once selected. What makes you different?

It's about party politics and serving the party lines. Until we elect candidates that represent people, sadly, the political system will remain the same. Gridlocked.

What will you do to lower prescription costs?

Right now, I will encourage the USMCA trade deal to go to a vote. The sale will allow the trade of prescription drugs with Canada.