Joshua Jered Rodriguez

Adding Science and Inclusiveness to Colorado


Joshua is running for U.S. Senate to be of service to his community and to the amazing city he calls home.

Growing up in Arvada, Joshua participated in the community's nonprofits. Two very special people influenced him in his life, his parents. Mario, and Helen Rodriguez. His father worked with nonprofits and was a critical community advocate.

“My father was a special person, and knowing that he had decided to live his life, helping others shaped my growing up experience.” Joshua

Helen has a passion for helping victims of domestic violence.

“I remember fond memories of delivering food to young mothers in need. Helping people in need is something I care about, as well." Joshua

The need to further his education brought him to Arizona, where he studied Biochemistry. His studies included philosophy, education, engineering, and science. His love for service learning continued while studying education. During that time, Joshua completed 230 hours of tutoring kids in math and science. Joshua kept his knowledge in graduate school, studying Chemistry and Education.

“Teaching and sharing my knowledge is important to me.” Joshua

In graduate school, Joshua studied chemistry and taught organic chemistry classes.

After College, Joshua worked as a scientist for the Army in Pueblo, Colorado.

Even though science has always been a passion for him, being part of the community

and making a difference has also been another. Politics has allowed him to keep

learning about new issues. Joshua has always enjoyed being part of the city and

volunteering his time in any way he can.

Community Work

Currently, Joshua is sciencist and founder of a nonprofit called One Arvada. He has hosted many communities and fundraising events for One Arvada. Joshua is presently organizing and hosting a Battle of the Bands event at the Arvada Skate park on June 15th.  Joshua recognizes the commitment and local impact organizations have on our community.

Joshua has participated as a member of the Jefferson County School Safety Committee. Here in Arvada, Joshua has been meeting with City Departments. Such as Police, Parks, Economic Development, and City Hall staff. Joshua resides on the Arvada Advisory Committee for the newest update to Arvada's land development code.

Joshua Jered Rodriguez, U.S. Senate

Meet Joshua Jered Rodriguez

Joshua hosting a community meeting at Westwoods police station